Whether youu2019re just starting out at your first job or youu2019re sitting pretty in a cushy corner office, you had to start somewhere. And, we bet that somewhere involved a lot of "long lunches," quick changes in coffee-shop bathrooms, and sweaty handshakes u2014 yep, weu2019ve all been there. There's a lot of conflicting career advice out there: Should you lean in u00e0 la Sheryl Sandberg or follow Martha Stewart's advice and start your own business? Despite the big-balled arguments, we're always open to getting on-my-level advice on how to make the job hunt easier or how to transition after you land a gig u2014 especially if itu2019s coming from a professional like Maris Kreizman, Kickstarteru2019s publishing community manager.

Kreizman is not just kick-ass at her job, but also the job search, which we can all use a manual on. After holding digital gigs at online music and Valentino UK audiobook store eMusic and publishing giant Barnes & Noble, Kreizman was personally recruited by former eMusic colleague and Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler. It was just over eight months ago that Kreizman beat out the competition and took on the job, and she's already molded the publishing department from a vague idea into a two-person team that's helped crowdfund more than 6,000 publishing projects.


So, howu2019d she do it u2014 all while keeping cool Valentino UK Store under pressure and successfully turning her blog into a book? Ahead, weu2019re getting the nitty-gritty details, advice on everything from beauty tips to networking, and know-how straight from the pro herself in our new series, About Face. Read on for Kreizmanu2019s story, and take notes u2014 this'll come in handy when you take the next step in your career.